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Louis-Jean Desprez - biographical note 1/3 11/2006

Louis-Jean Desprez
Biographical note by Gilbert Blin - page 1/3

Louis-Jean Desprez (1743-1804) was an architect, painter, engraver, set-designer and decorator. He was active mainly in France, in Italy, in Sweden, but also in England and Finland. His works, varied in their expressions but constant in their inspiration, are particularly representative of the arts in Europe at the end of the XVIIIth century.

Born in 1743, in Auxerre, France, Louis-Jean Desprez was pupil at the Royal Academy of Architecture in Paris. He followed the lessons of Jean-François Blondel as soon as 1765, and then of Jacques Desmaisons and Jean-Rodolphe Perronet. His objective was the “Grand Prix” of the contest known as “concours de Rome”, with, as a reward, the possibility of a stay in the eternal city as “Pensionnaire” of the King de France. On several occasions he failed, as his projects, imposing and unrealistic visions, frightened judges.
It is under the protection of Charles de Wailly, collaborator of l’Encyclopédie and future architect of the “Théâtre de l’Odéon” in Paris, that Desprez achieved his goal and obtained in 1776 the “Grand Prix” which enabled him to leave for Rome.

Desprez' engraving after De Wailly for L'Encyclopédie - private collection

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