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This site reflects the Académie Desprez's works and their constant evolution

Association Française pour le Rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm

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Revising the site
Revising the Internet site 07/2006

Revising the Internet site

A new “virtual house” for the Académie Desprez


Our Website today

The current Website of the Académie Desprez, association française pour le rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm et du Musée Suédois du Théâtre is complete and satisfying. It contributes, in three languages, to the existence of The Académie Desprez around the world and is a “reference document” for social contacts. The Website also testifies to the seriousness and excellence of our activities related to other institutions we intend to communicate with. With more than 18 000 visits over the past twelve months, the Internet site helps quite accurately the Académie Desprez to contribute to the influence of Drottningholms Slottsteater and Sveriges Teatermuseum.

Moreover, the Website is our special way to share and spread our “encyclopédie”. Therefore, it is also a favourable place for knowledge management, expressed and shared by the active members of the Académie Desprez, especially the researchers. Finally, it is a place for information upon the academy’s life.

Christophe Lécuyer, Webmaster
July, 26th 2006


The reasons for changing

  1. A necessary change of design
    The “frame architecture” is no longer satisfying

  • Search engine search
    With more than 18 000 visits a year, it’s easy to guess that numerous visitors come up to our Website using a search engine. In that case, visitors access our pages without getting the “menu” on their screen. Therefore, they might well never see the other pages of our Website and just ignore who we are!

  • Printing
    The frame architecture also always makes it difficult to print pages properly.

  1. A wish expressed by our members

  • Larger exchange possibilities
    In the inquiry conducted among our members in September 2004, several people set out the request of having larger exchange possibilities in our Website.

  • Brighter colours
    Some also expressed the wish that the Website should have brighter colours and be more illustrated

  1. An opportunity to keep on questioning the content of our site

A total revising of the Website is also an excellent opportunity to revisit its content and make proper decisions on what should be kept or changed, especially as the Académie Desprez is developing.


The new Website

Three parts, three levels of access rights

  • Accessible to public:

Groupe de Rayonnement

  • Accessible to members only:

Groupe de Soutien

  • Accessible to Sociétaires members only (researchers):

Groupe de Recherche

Design and architecture

  • A new background colour: ivory

  • “Page architecture” versus “frame architecture”

A portal to access all parts of the Site


The Groupe de rayonnement public area
“La Galerie”

Proposed in three languages

  • English

  • French

  • Swedish (summary)


The Groupe de soutien private area
Le Salon”

New rubrics proposed

  • Information about current unpublished activities and publications

  • La gazette: a news postage function for our members

  • An online shop


The Groupe de recherche private area

New part of the Website

New rubrics proposed

  • The “charte du chercheur”: information about study, travel and realisation grants

  • The archives of the Académie Desprez’s research activities

  • The researchers favourite Websites, relevant for other members

  • The laboratory: shared informations about their research

  • An access to the “Base bibliographique partagée”


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