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Vivaldi's Rosmira fedele with the Opéra de Nice 02/2007

Académie Desprez - Opéra de Nice
Rosmira fedele by Vivaldi
Study & Conception

The Opéra de Nice will present, in March 2003, a new production of Vivaldi’s Rosmira fedele, staged by Gilbert Blin. The Académie Desprez will intervene during the process of research and study. This production is an attempt for the Académie Desprez to establish a general conception for a new way to produce a baroque opera. This opportunity will be the practical side to the theoretical aspects developed in the programme of aesthetics.

Rosmira fedele, created the 27th of January 1738 at Teatro San Angelo of Venice, is the last testimony of the operatic production of Vivaldi. It is also the last opera from the Library of Torino which has never been performed in modern times. This pasticcio offers a brilliant example of Vivaldian opera at its peak. The libretto is adapted from La Partenope by Silvio Stampiglia, one of the members of the Accademia dell’Arcadia, founded in Rome in 1690 under the protection of Queen Christine.

Musical Director:

Gilbert Bezzina
Ensemble Baroque de Nice

Stage Director & Designer:

Gilbert Blin
Académie Desprez
Adviser: Rémy-Michel Trotier
Académie Desprez
Head of the paintings: Caroline Constantin
Académie Desprez
Assistant for the staging: Lubor Cukr
Académie Desprez
Continuo: Vera Elliott
Ensemble Baroque de Nice
Rosmira: Marianna Pizzolato
Partenope: Claire Brua
Arsace: Salomé Haller
Ersilla: Rossana Bertini
Armindo: Jacek Laszczkowski
Emilio: Philippe Cantor
Ormonte: John Elwes

Ensemble Baroque de Nice
Opéra de Nice
4-6, rue Saint François de Paule,
06364 Nice Cedex 4
Tel. : (+33) (0)4 92 17 40 00,
Fax : (+33) (0)4 93 80 34 83

Friday 21st march 2003 at 20h00
Sunday 23rd march 2003 at 14h30
Tuesday 25th march 2003 at 20h00

Groupe de soutien

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Rosmira Fedele

3 CDs

Recorded at the Opéra de Nice in march 2003

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