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Gjörwell Realisation Grant: the Académie Desprez's website 05/2000

Although the Académie Desprez is immersed in a period other than our own, we cannot afford not to be a part of the technological age. The project will be to create an internet site for the Académie. This demanding task will require a great deal of technical skill and a full understanding of the spirit of the Académie Desprez.

The site will reflect our work and motivation and provide an accessible introduction to all those who visit it. There will be links to other relevant sites and useful information. Drottningholm Theatre has already agreed to have a mutual between their site and the Académie's one and will provide any materials that will be needed.

This project will be an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of the Académie.

Discover the Gjörwell realisation grant:
the forecasted description of the project (may 2000),

Who was Gjörwell ?

The creation of a modern communication medium with boundless possibilities is essential for an association of European nature. The creation of an Internet site is the project de Christophe Lecuyer. Gjörwell the father (1731-1811) was an essential figure of the intellectual life in Stockholm during the reign of Gustave III. Librarian and publicist he was in regular contact with French writers and books sellers and contributed to the wild diffusion of French culture at the Swedish Court. He was the father of Gjörwell the younger, architect, the most important pupil of Desprez.

See also below in the forecasted project description.


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