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This site reflects the Académie Desprez's works and their constant evolution

Association Française pour le Rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm

Musical studies Des Orages

2000 Naumann

Poetry, declamation & music

2002 Dubos

2002 Raparlier   

2001 Bacilly

Poésie, musique & mise au théâtre

2004 Muzio

Des Orages programme 05/2002

Des Orages programme has been questioning the conception of storms in baroque operas. Four projects did belong to this programme:

  • In October 2000, Rémy-Michel Trotier went to Drottningholm to make recordings of the Wind and Thunder machineries, thanks to the Naumann travel grant

  • In September 2001, these recordings have been used together with Glass harmonica sounds as incidental music for a demonstration of reconstruction of voltairian theatre, in the general frame of the project "Emerging Acting Styles around Voltaire" with Leiden University and Leidse Shouwburg. 

  • In October 2001, they have been used again for incidental sounds in the production of Orlando furioso by Gilbert Blin, in Statni Opera Praha, under the musical direction of Jiri Kotouc. 

  • Finally, in January 2002, they have been extensively transformed and used as material for a new piece for Glassharmonica and electronics: La Machine des Orages.

Rémy-Michel Trotier
May 2002

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