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Association Française pour le Rayonnement du Théâtre du Château de Drottningholm

Musical studies Des Orages

2000 Naumann

Poetry, declamation & music

2002 Dubos

2002 Raparlier   

2001 Bacilly

Poésie, musique & mise au théâtre

2004 Muzio

Naumann Travel Grant: project for a musical composition for glassharmonica and recorded electronics created with the sound of Drottningholm Slottsteater's wind and thunder machinery 04/2000

The creative program of the 2000 Season will focus on music. The piece Des Orages as the title suggests, concentrates on the shape and force of a storm. Much of the work will be created electronically but two key elements of the composition are a glassharmonica and the wind and thunder machinery of the stage at Drottningholm. The plan is to record these unique instruments at Drottningholm itself and to ensure that the sound of the theatre is heard wherever Des Orages is heard: a combination of ancient and modern working together and serving the needs of each other.

The project is particularly timely as the glassharmonica is once again being used and the need for new works is all the more important.

The project will enable the beneficiary to travel to Stockholm. Drottningholm Theatre will welcome him in October for the recording of the machines. The recording will need to be carried out in the auditorium, as the stage machinery cannot be moved from its location. Furthermore the acoustic will be perfect.

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Who was Naumann ?

The project of Rémy-Michel Trotier for glass harmonica and wind and thunder machines of Drottningholm Theatre necessitates the figure of a composer who has worked for Gustave III and above all who has written for glass harmonica. Naumann (1741-1801), a musician of German origin, author of twelve sonatas for glass harmonica, composed for Gustave III the famous opera Gustav Wasa for which Desprez designed the sets.


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